DJ Pro Mod - IJI


DJ Pro Mod - IJI

Product description


KROM is stoked to present the brand new DJ KROM PRO MODEL lineup - built on the brand new 2GOOD shape, these kendamas are meant to slay any and all tricks and look great while doing it.
DJ is short for Daily Jammer, because these are the only kendamas you'll need to lace mad tricks!

KROM WEIGHT MATCH GUARANTEE - this ensures that all setups come with a tama between 0 and 7 grams heavier than the ken 

Hiroki "Iji" Iijima!
Total ninja boss professional kendama performer.
Originator of an entire style of kendama/dance fusion.
Finals qualifier in multiple World and European freestyle championships

Technical specifications 〰️
KROM 2GOOD shape
Beech ken - Walnut tama
KROM LOL clear
23,5 mm bevel & mini bearing
New Push-out character box design
Custom stickers, poster & extra string
Design by Olivier De Groelard & KROM PRO team

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