The Nebula


The Nebula

Product description

“The Nebula” mod is inspired by the captivating colours that cosmically project through the perceivable universe.

Thank you for supporting Kendama Club’s in-house brand “Cosmic Kendamas” After 5 prototypes, we created a unique shape that is out of this world - the Saturn V. Launch your game to new heights and play among the stars.

  • Maple Ken
  • 61mm Beech Tama
  • Saturn Sticky Paint
  • “Lunar Lander” base cup crater
  • Planet Sized Base cup
  • 70cm white string
  • Bearing Bead
  • Extra 70cm string
  • Stringing tool & extra bearing bead
  • Cosmic Satin Bag
  • Cosmic Kendamas Stickers by @third.eye.arts
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